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Border Surveys: Crossborder Holiday Shoppers Leave the Green in San Diego Stores

Download: PDF CrossborderInforma Brief on Crossborder Shoppers

Crossborder Group has released initial findings from their December 2010 (Winter Quarter) at-border surveys, conducted among nearly 1,000, randomly-selected northbound car, SENTRI, and pedestrian travelers at the San Ysidro and Otay Mesa Ports of Entry.  These results (download PDF at right) highlight nearly 800 responses from Mexico-residing visitors into San Diego and their Christmas Holiday purchases in San Diego County.

“Since 2003 we’ve been surveying border crossers, and have repeatedly asked Mexican shoppers to estimate their household expenditures on Christmas gifts purchased in San Diego,” explains Kenn Morris, President of California-based Crossborder Group and it’s Mexico subsidiary, Crossborder NS, S de RL de CV.  “This last Holiday season, Baja California visitors estimated that they’d spent $536 dollars per household on Christmas gifts purchased in San Diego — that’s an enormous and positive economic impact that the public should know about.” (more…)


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“Engage: Hispanics” Quotes Crossborder’s President on Border Retail Impacts

The article’s a bit old, but…still good info:  using data collected from previous at-border surveys collected by Crossborder Group, this online journal gave us a chance to talk about the positive retail impacts of crossborder shoppers from Mexico that enter the U.S.  Our conservative estimates are that US$25-30 million is spent each day (on average) in U.S. retail stores by Mexican consumers that cross legally at our Ports of Entry, and then return home.  Imagine the potential impact if border waits weren’t so long?

Crossborder at-border survey team in Mexico

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