Let’s Talk About You, what do you want? Discover which Crossborder Group Service can meet your needs.

“I want information about a specific demographic, industry or market.”

CrossborderBusiness: Research, Analysis and Market Entry Services 

Stop wondering and start implementing. CrossborderBusiness serves public and private entities from a variety of sectors including manufacturing, logistics, technology, life sciences, and hospitality. We have done it all: market surveys, site selection, manufacturing strategies, supplier screening, client prospecting research, and policy analysis. Our CrossborderBusiness reports help clients make important growth decisions; let us help you move forward.

“I want to expand marketing efforts to a Spanish or English speaking community.”

CrossborderComunica: Foreign Language Marketing and Communications

Say what you want to say…to a larger audience. With CrossborderComunica, language is no longer a barrier to market entry. Our experienced staff creates marketing plans and material in the language and cultural context relevant to your target audience. We help clients increase online visibility, attract media coverage, and reach out to new regions. Whether you are a government organization looking to attract foreign investment, or a company looking to grow your client base, we can help.

“I want an introduction to business activities and practices within a specific industry in the Americas.”

CrossborderTours: Manufacturing, Business and Trade Education

See it for yourself. CrossborderTours are designed as an educational experience for business professionals to learn more about a specific industry and network with business professionals in that market. We have introduced clients to new markets, manufacturing facilities and business partners through one to three day excursions. We tailor a tour to your businesses needs and make sure you connect with the right people. CrossborderTours make a lasting impression on you and your business.

“I want educated, affordable employees to help me reach a Spanish speaking market without the headache of setting up a new business entity abroad.”

CrossborderNearshore: Dedicated Mexican Professionals

Manage employees inside your target market. CrossborderNearshore connects you with bilingual, educated staff that you manage directly. We manage the legal aspect of hiring overseas employees, and you get to oversee staff projects and tasks. Staff members are selected based on your company or organization’s needs and interests. CrossborderNearshore employees help clients grow and explore new opportunities from inside the market.


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