Analysis by Crossborder Group Finds Tijuana #1 City in North America for Medical Device Manufacturing Employment

July 19, 2011 at 10:08 am Leave a comment

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Recently released research by Crossborder Group on the medical device industry shows that Tijuana, Baja California, has the highest amount of medical device manufacturing employment in North America, with over 30,000 employees in this city alone.
In a new briefing paper prepared for the Tijuana Economic Development Corporation (DEITAC), “Tijuana: North America’s Medical Device Manufacturing Capital”, Crossborder Group compared medical device cluster employment data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for key U.S. counties and States,  along with late-2010  employment data from 38 companies in Tijuana surveyed by Crossborder, and regional data from Canada. The result: Tijuana’s medical device manufacturing employment was larger than that of the number two region (the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area) by more than 7,000 employees.
“We knew that putting Tijuana up as a leader in North America for such an important technology sector would create some controversy,” states Kenn Morris, President of Crossborder Group, in charge of the study. “But the reality is that it’s based on data and independent facts…

…We think it underscores what we see in other sectors as well: that Mexico’s capabilities are advancing more than many realize, and that Mexico and other nearshore locations can play an important role in keeping U.S. and Canadian companies competitive, especially in highly-globalized industries.

In addition to employment data, the new briefing also touches on manufacturing costs, logistics, and regulatory/quality certifications held by the 41+ medical device manufacturing companies operating in Tijuana.  While developed specifically for the Tijuana EDC, it is part of Crossborder’s continuing work in site selection, B2B surveys, economic modeling, and industrial consulting for medical device and other manufacturers exploring options in Mexico and the NAFTA/CAFTA regions.

You can download the white paper PDF, “Tijuana, North America’s Medical Device Manufacturing Capital here.

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