Crossborder Insights: Mexico’s IMMEX Industry (Maquiladora/PITEX): On the Rebound?

February 17, 2010 at 8:08 pm Leave a comment

New data released in mid-February shows Mexico’s IMMEX (“maquiladora”) industry employment was on the increase, adding an average of just over 14,000 jobs each month since July 2009. The IMMEX industry (the new, regulatory term for what is widely considered the “maquiladora industry”, covering both former “maquiladora” operations and “PITEX” companies) has been hard hit by the U.S. economic downturn, losing nearly 365,000 jobs in this sector from a near peak in November 2007 to its low-point of 1.58 million employees in July, 2009.  Some key findings are presented in our downloadable Crossborder Insights brief, including:

  • Since July, the IMMEX industry has seen an increase in employment of 4.5% — adding a total of 71,000 jobs through November. This brought the total IMMEX employment up to 1.65 million workers – still 15% under what it was two years previous (November 2007), but at least positive.  As additional data comes in, it will be easier to assess if this late-2009 workforce growth was a result of seasonal production increases, or if it represents an actual industry rebound.

Download our Crossborder Insights brief here (PDF):    2010Feb17-CInsights-IMMEX-1-EmploymentTrends

Crossborder Insights Brief: IMMEX Employment (Nov 2007-2009)


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